Linggo, Nobyembre 20, 2011

Miyerkules, Setyembre 7, 2011

Cutee Fansign >.<"

Hey yeah .. ! 
Without requesting i got 
fan sign with my facebook friends .. ^^" 
except on my bessy .. 
i asked her to make one for me 
and she made .. ^^" 

Thanks to her and to those who gave me this 
i will make one to each of you >.<" 

Promise .. ! 

This is my bessy mary-ann 
she's the girl i asked to make a fansign for me ^^" 
( the girl with the piggy stuff ^^" )

haha :d how should i make a fansign fo this girl 
if i ol edy blocked her.. 
she's so mischievous thats 
why i blocked her ... ! 

Ow how cute .?? 

Martes, Setyembre 6, 2011

High School ...

I miss my High School life 
my classmates, schoolmates, and teachers..
i want to turn back the past when i was at high school
hanging out with my classmate, having drink with them
doing ass.with them, doing activities and proj. with them
and having damn practice with them ..
I miss it all ~.~"

Class picture batch 2009-2010
my 2nd and last 4th yr.

I miss even my damn heck shit straight bangs 
Arrgggghh that made me soo fugly ! 
I really hate it...~.^"
haha :D 
Well those girl i was with at the pic are
my closest friend in high school
And the girl at the left side of takahashi 
are my best friend now ! 
she's my bessy Mary ann molar ^^"

We had trip and inuman at the first day 
of our practice on C.A.T.
haha how funny to be with them ^^.?? 
but it was one of the saddest moment in my hs life
I've been argued with my friend modissa
 and we've never been fine..~.~"
We are drunk at that time and all of us was not on a right sense..  
then she suddenly impute me
that i slapped her
and even not i accepted her wrong suspicious
just to avoid mess . !

Field trip on Iba Zambales 
before the C.A.T finals ^^"
WiiiiW ... !

Souvenir station at Olonggapo city ^^"
I didn't buy
wakakaka :D

YeeeiiiY Iba ^.^"

On one side of iba zambales ..
haha :D
Picture ! picture ^^" !

2nd day on iba

at the dawn
 Welcoming the sunrise .. ~
kekeke :D

hmmmm so sad we have to go home  :((

Picture Picture
at the few seconds ...
feel so nervous
haha :D
Hotel Company were going to perform  !

Sapphire/ hotel company
Performing  !
We did our best but on the end
we lose ..~.~"

    Graduation ... !
     We'll now on college .. ~

♥ momo ♥

~ Missing you all ~